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Buy EAM-2201

EAM-2201 for sale - chemical element, buy EAM-2201 - Pharmaceutical ChemistryEAM-2201 photo for sale - chemical element, buy EAM-2201 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Physical properties: The white powder

Purity of the preparation: More 98%

At the present moment, the compound EAM-2201 (trip) is actively studied by scientists and chemists, and the experiments are held to get the reviews about EAM-2201. So far, the chemists have made the conclusion that this preparation has an effect on the receptors CB1 and CB2.

On our site you can buy EAM-2201 for laboratory studies. The information on the legality of the proliferation of the chemical compound EAM-2201 in your country should be specified by your own.

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