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JTE-907 for sale - chemical element, buy JTE-907 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Full chemical name: N-(benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-ylmethyl)-7-methoxy-2-oxo-8-pentyloxy-1,2-dihydroquinoline-3-carboxamide

Other names:JTE-907

CAS number of substance: 282089-49-0

Physical properties: White powder

Formula: C24H26N2О6

Molar mass of the substance: 438,472 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: 98% and more

The preparation A-796,260 (trip) was synthesized at Abbott Laboratories. As a result of A-796,260 investigations, the following reviews were received: this substance is a powerful selective agonist of the cannabinoid receptors CB2. Also, it is known that A-796,260 (trip) acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, once in the animal or getting into human body. Especially well, the preparation prevents neuropathic pain.

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