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Buy 5f-PV8 (Crystals) online

5f-PV8 for sale - chemical element, buy 5f-PV8 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full chemical name: 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one

Other names: 4f-α-pyrrolidinoheptiophenone, 4f-alpha-PHpP, 4F-a-PEP, 4FPV8, 5f-PV8

CAS number of substance: 99799-28-8

Physical properties: Crystal

Formula: C17H24FNO

Molar mass of the substance: 289,351 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: 99,7% and adbove

If you wish to buy 5f-PV-8 in the form of crystal, you have found the right place. Our Internet drugstore this, as well as many other similar and dissimilar chemicals. We offer our clients the best conditions and prices for our production. Hurry to buy 5f-PV-8 in the crystalloid form online straight away.

Prior to ordering crystalloid form of 5f-PV-8 online, you should learn some of its properties and learn all precautions. This is of great importance.

This is a resourceful psychostimulant with a wide range of abilities. It belongs to a novice generation of chemical preparations. It is detected in such products as bath salts, plant food, and tablets. The formula of this chemical is C17H24FNO. Its molecular mass is 277.380. It possesses a very solid purity, which reaches 99.7%.

However, there is no complete data about all of its effects and benefits. It is related to a-pvp. Therefore, you may learn the indications of this product to have a clearer view of its properties.

One of the most significant points about this chemical is that was created solely for laboratory researches. It should not be used in humans and animals. It is dangerous for health and may even lead to lethal outcomes. Be extremely careful and responsible.

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