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Buy PV-9 online

PV-9 for sale - chemical element, buy PV-9 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full chemical name: 1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)octan-1-one, monohydrochloride

Other names: α-POP

Physical properties: A crystalline solid

Formula: C18H27NO * HCl

Molar mass of the substance: 309,9 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: 98% and above

PV-9 online is a recent A-PVP analogue with the pentyl side chain lenghthened by three carbons. At the same time A-PVP is the pyrovalerone analogue. The product is intended for the research or forensic applications and its properties (toxicological, biochemical or physiological) hasn’t been completely studied yet.

It was mentioned that if users choose this agent, they buy PV-9 which is an analogue of A-PVP. The drug has several names, some of them are:

  • α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone;
  • O-2387;
  • β-ketone-prolintane;
  • Alpha-PVP;
  • Prolintanone;
  • APVP.

Though names may be different, the essence remains the same. It’s a synthetic stimulant compound. It’s a monoamine transport inhibitor. α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone prevents the norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake.

The drug was initially developed in the 1960s and since that time it belongs to cathinone class. At times it’s even called gravel and flakka. Anyway, it is available in two forms: powder or crystal. Powder is chosen more often than crystals as it is 99% pure and is easy to administer.

PV-9 for sale must be stores at -20?C as supplied. Hydrochloride remains stable for two years. If it is delivered as a crystal solid, any user can make a special stock solution. He will dissolve PV-9 in a solvent. Hydrochloride is soluble in DMSO, DMF and ethanol (all three are organic solvents). While the solubility of the compound in DMF and DMSO is 12.5 mg/ml, in ethanol it is 25 mg/ ml. The proportions are approximate. One can buy PV-9 online and then prepare an organic solvent-free solution of the drug. It is done by directly dissolving PV-9 crystals in aqueous buffers. In case with PBS the hydrochloride solubility is nearly 2mg/ml. However, a prepared solution can’t be stored for more than 24 hours.

Our partnership has a pretty wide geography of purchasing. We can ship our production to the following countries:

  • The United States;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Japan;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • The European Union.

All the products will be delivered directly from China. At times, the delivery can be made from the Netherlands too. You only have to be confident that your country permits the purchasing of this very product.

You can always buy PV-9 from and enjoy all the best conveniences. You will receive the product of the highest quality within brief period of time. In addition, you can order other goods, such as: U47700(opioid), MMBC, FURANYL-FENTANYL.

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