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5-IAI for sale - chemical element, buy 5-IAI - Pharmaceutical Chemistry



Full chemical name: 5-iodo-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-2-amine

Other names: 5-IAI

CAS number of substance: 132367-76-1

Physical properties: Crystalline powder

Formula: C9H10IN

Molar mass of the substance: 259,087 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: More 99%

The preparation 5-IAI is a stimulant and also an empathogen. This substance is classified as an indane. The drug influences on specific receptors, and thereby, induces the production of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

5-IAI was synthesized by David Nichols in the 90s, at that time he tried to find analogues of the substance MDMA. 5-IAI differs from its closest analogs, derivatives of MMAI and MDAI, in neurotoxicity that is less marked than while using its amphetamine homolog pIA. Sometimes in the Internet you can find this powder under the name NRG-2. If you face such a name, keep in your mind that it means the chemical agent 5-IAI.

On the website you can buy 5-IAI and leave your trip story. According to the experiments on 5-IAI (trip), it was noticed that having got into the human organism it enhances visual perception making colors bright (juicy), lifts up the mood, increases a sense of empathy, it gets easier to understand another person and his emotions, the physiological effect is revealed in mydriasis. The duration of the preparation action onto the human is a few hours.

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