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Buy Adrafinil (Crystals, Powder) online

Adrafinil for sale - chemical element, buy Adrafinil - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full chemical name: 2-diphenylmethanesulfinyl-N-hydroxyacetamide

Other names: Adrafinil

CAS number of substance: 63547-13-7

Physical properties: Powder, Crystal

Formula: C15H15NO3S

Molar mass of the substance: 289,351 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: 99,5% and adbove

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Primary, it was popular in France. This was a potentially strong remedy, which was supposed to make people wakeful. This agent increased the energy levels, improved thinking, attention, concentration and reinforced mood. It had many other similar parameters. In addition, people wished to reduce fatigue with its assistance. Nonetheless, it turned out to be very harmful to the human health and was discontinued by its manufacturer – Cephalon. Nowadays, another famous product of this company, Modafinil, replaces the initial effects of this drug.

When people used it, they suffered from acute digestive problems, skin allergies, anxiety disorder, irregular heartbeat and so on. There were also tow cases when it improved sexual drive.

However, it is used for forensic objectives. Many researchers seek Adrafinil in the form of powder for sale due to its huge potential for laboratory experiments. It is a powerful booster of different natural chemicals, such as dopamine. Therefore, it is useful for laboratory tests.

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