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Buy Ethyl-Hexdrone online

Ethyl-Hexdrone for sale - chemical element, buy Ethyl-Hexdrone - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full chemical name: 2-Ethylhexylamine

Other names: Ethyl-Hexdrone

CAS number of substance: 104-75-6

Physical properties: Crystal

Formula: C8H19N

Molar mass of the substance: 129,24 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: 99,5% and above

Ethyl-Hexadrone is a very new stimulant agent that hit the market only a few years ago. It is a quality derivative of the cathinone group, an effective replacement of Ethylone and Methylone. Being developed in 2011, Ethyl-Hexadrone for sale is a result of a hard work. Though it is of a non-methylated type, it is still resistant to metabolism CYP-mediated perspectives. Its resistance is possible because of Chloro category.

Ethyl-Hexadrone online is of an anabolic nature and characterized by a low androgenous potency. This characteristic feature means that it creates a rather dry appearance as well as absence of water retention. As long as the drug is also 6-chlorinated, it has the characteristics that are almost equal to those produced by Halodrol and Epistane, yet without any methylated agents or structures that are contained by the latter chemicals. Effects can be both mild and harsh on one’s body. The kind depends on the dosage. The optimal dosage is 75-125 mg per day.

The drug can’t process into estrogen: it’s rather active and cannot turn into any other active hormone to become more effective or provide a more dramatic result.

Those, who buy Ethyl-Hexadrone online, should be aware of the fact that most users can’t see any inequality between this chemical and coke. Perhaps, the most surprising sensation is the feeling of a numb nose, while other sensations remain identical. After the intake, there is light stimulation and a user becomes rather talkative even after 30-40 mg. Strong euphoria is usually felt after doses of 80-120 mg.

Those men, who make up their minds to buy Ethyl-Hexadrone, must be really careful as to the dosage they decide to take. Overdoses lead to severe complications or even death.

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