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Buy NEH; HEX-EN online

Dimethylphenidate(DP) for sale - chemical element, buy Dimethylphenidate(DP) - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Full chemical name: 2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one

Other names: NEH; HEX-EN; Ethydrone replacement of Pentedrone or 4-CMC

Physical properties: Powder or Crystals

Purity of the preparation: 99% and above

NEH or HEX-En is a new tested substance. Some of its other names are Ethyl Hexedrone or N-Ethyl-Hexedrone or Hexen – that is a replacement drug of Pentedrone or 4-CMC. This substance has similar reactions and some of the quality characteristics. Today NEH; HEX-EN for sale is regarded as a synthetic cathinone and belongs to the category initially created by Pentedrone, Buphedrone. The substance was produced in 2011, yet it came to market four years later (2015) as an experimental chemical.

Being an improved Pentedrone version, NEH; HEX-EN online offers potency which is less than that of the counterpart. Nevertheless, its ethyl category normally raises the levels of potency, thus this substance can be regarded as a much more potential drug than Pentedrone.

Patients, who buy NEH; HEX-EN online, know that tolerance to most of its results is normally achieved with the durable or repeated consumption. At times to gain desirable results men have to augment the dosage, yet only after learning all possible health complications and other effects. Eventually, tolerance is obvious in 3-10 days. This substance has cross tolerance with most stimulants, normally dopaminergic ones: when Ethyl Hexedrone is taken, all these stimulants’ results are reduced significantly.

Today the toxicity of the drug hasn’t been well-studied yet. It is understandable taking into consideration a short history of its administration. Most users report few adverse reactions during the tolerance period. Those, who take higher doses, may have negative health effects like:

  • Increased heart rate;
  • Dehydration;
  • Temporary ED;
  • Tactile enhancements and spontaneous tactile sensations;
  • Stimulation;
  • Euphoria;
  • Vasoconstriction;
  • Appetite suppression;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Analysis, immersion, motivation enhancement.

Patients, who buy NEH, HEX-EN should also be aware of non-safe combinations. When in low doses, some combinations are safe, yet there are other drugs that shouldn’t be combined with NEH, HEX-EN: stimulants, MXE, 25x-NBOMe, DXM, MAOIs, Cocaine, alcohol, etc.

Our partnership has a pretty wide geography of purchasing. We can ship our production to the following countries:

  • The United States;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • Japan;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • The European Union.

All the products will be delivered directly from China. At times, the delivery can be made from the Netherlands too. You only have to be confident that your country permits the purchasing of this very product.

You can always buy NEH; HEX-EN from and enjoy all the best conveniences. You will receive the product of the highest quality within brief period of time. In addition, you can order other goods, such as: 4-iBuF, 6-EAPB, 6-MAPB.

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