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Terms of Cooperation

  • The delivered products cannot be returned and exchanged;
  • The articles will be shipped upon payment;
  • The articles are delivered from China;
  • The dispatch of the merchandise is fulfilled by the company at the sender's discretion;
  • The delivery term of products depends on the remoteness of the buyer;
  • The payment for our goods is accepted in U.S. dollars by transferring the funds to China;
  • All the products we offer are intended only for research and educational purposes but neither for human consumption, nor for animal testing;
  • Our company does not incur a liability for any inappropriate use of the products;
  • In rare exceptions, our company can refuse of delivering the products to some countries or cities.
  • The products offered on the site should be entirely used for research aims;
  • The use of the products for other purposes is prohibited. The reason is that physical and chemical properties of the products are not fully studied, and the result cannot be 100% predictable;
  • Ordering our products on the site, you absolve our company of liability and become fully responsible for the further use of the products, as well as for the possible result of drug effects, in case of their inappropriate use;
  • Ordering our products on the site, you avow that you know the basics of working with dangerous substances;
  • Ordering our products on the site, you avow that you have attained your majority;
  • Ordering our products on the site, you avow that you are aware of the legitimacy of these products in your country and totally informed about the probable consequences.

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